Legal Services

Legal Services

Most people need quality legal advice at some point in time.

Through our arrangement with McMasters Lo Andrawis (MLA) Lawyers, we can assist you to obtain quality advice on all of the common areas of need. This includes things like wills, general powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, co-ownership agreements, contracts, etc. All services are provided with Einstein’s principle in mind: things should be as simple as possible – but no simpler.

MLA Lawyers are also experts on legal structures to ensure optimal business planning, investment planning, asset protection and succession planning. They also specialise in advising on things like loan contracts, guarantees and other aspects of helping other people you know meet their own financial objectives. And if you find yourself in some form of dispute, they can help out here as well.

It makes sense to get your financial adviser to organise these services for you. By getting us to talk directly with your legal advisers you ensure that those legal advisers completely understand the financial aims their advice is designed to meet.  And because we have an ongoing arrangement with MLA Lawyers, you can be sure that the work will be done as efficiently as possible.

What’s more, MLA Lawyers specialise in working in conjunction with financial advisers. They do this all day, every day. This means that the financial impact of their advice – and whether it complements your existing financial plan – is always at the forefront of their thinking.



Mina Specialises in business legal structures, business succession planning, estate planning and superannuation. In addition, Mina provides general corporate and commercial advice on a wide range of legal matters including contract negotiations, shareholder related matters and key industry and regulatory compliance issues.

Mina graduated with a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce/Law with majors in Finance and Financial Planning. He started his career with the NAB legal team then worked his way through the property and banking and finance division of top 10 law firm Gadens Lawyers. Prior to his current role, Mina specialised in provision of financial and legal advice to high net worth medical and dental practitioners.

Commercially-minded and practical, Mina is highly valued for his technical knowledge and practical approach to commercial negotiations and is praised by clients for his ability to provide simple advice on complex matters.

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Superannuation and Estate Planning

Superannuation is an often-forgotten area of estate planning. This article discusses the best ways to make sure your super goes where you want it to go when you don’t need it any more.

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Opportunity Cost

There are two ways to think about the price of anything. The first is the number of dollars it would cost to purchase that thing. The second is to think about what else we could spend our money on. This is called ‘opportunity cost’ and it is always worth remembering when you make a purchase.

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Business Owners and Deductible Overseas and Interstate Travel

This article is a must-read for any business owner thinking about travel. Claiming a tax deduction for travel costs can make a huge difference to the effective cost of that travel. The Australian Taxation Office’s general position is that the cost of travel is tax deductible to the extent that the travel relates to the business’ purpose of deriving assessable income from an existing business activity. A business can’t claim costs for travel related to speculative business activities that you have not yet entered. But travel that relates to work that your business is already doing will usually be fine.

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